The spring is typically thought of as the best season for landscaping, but there are plenty of landscaping tasks that can be completed in the late fall and winter to maintain your landscape’s beautiful appearance all year long. We’ve highlighted some winter landscaping ideas, upkeep recommendations, and tasks that can impress your neighbors and increase your curb appeal.

Winterize Your Home & Landscaping

Being prepared is the first step in maintaining your landscape’s best appearance. Knowing how to winterize your grass and ants is a crucial first step. This includes wrapping your plants so they can resist the harsh winter air, and winter lawn fertilization, which can result in a yard that is lush and green in the spring.

Now is also the time to remove your patio furniture to ensure that prolonged exposure to snow and ice won’t ruin your outdoor seating. Your winterization to-do list should also include trimming away any dead branches and doing a general planting clean-up, draining your sprinklers, cleaning your gutters, and aerating your lawn.

Plant Berry Bushes

We’re not talking about blueberries and strawberries that thrive in the spring and summertime here; we’re talking about snowberries and evergreen hollies. Berry-bearing shrubs and bushes will brighten up your home during the gloomy winter months in addition to adding a festive touch to your landscape during the holidays. These can be incorporated into a winter garden with other native plantings or they can be stand-alone focal points in your front yard. Evergreen shrubs are also cool-season plants for your winter planting design that can thrive in cold air while giving a seasonal look and feel to your landscape.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Since the days are getting shorter and the sun is setting earlier, this project not only enhances the atmosphere but is also practical. We can collaborate with you to install a lighting system that allows you to manage the ambiance with your phone. Your system is weatherproof and capable of withstanding snow and ice while guiding you to your door, making it safe to use all year long.

Incorporate Hardscaping

We still have the ability to add hardscaping to your landscape as long as the soil is not frozen. A new hardscape can increase the curb appeal of your property by adding walkways, driveways, fire pits, backyard patios, and retaining walls. Feeling inspired to incorporate a cold weather-friendly landscape design? Our skilled landscaping crew is excited to bundle up and get started on your vision. For an estimate on your project, get in touch with us today.