Western Lehigh guarantees that each landscape is not only designed to last but also to reflect the homeowner’s vision and personal style while following the elements of an appealing landscape.

Line, form, texture, color, and scale are the five aspects of an aesthetically-designed landscape. A harmonious balance of these five components creates a cohesive beauty in outdoor spaces. Read on to discover more about each of these aspects and how they connect to the bigger picture of your design.


This element of landscape design guides the eye. Lines can be as basic as adding structure to your flower beds and garden design or as loose as a strategic natural rock arrangement. Lines and focal points form a pattern that the eye follows. If you want a water feature to be the center point of your landscaping, we may construct a hardscape around it, incorporate some planting, and create a larger image to draw the eye in.


The shape of your element, whether it’s a rock or a plant, is referred to as its form. Various forms are essential for a great design. Experimenting with height, shape, and size will result in a multi-dimensional design.


Texture adds dimension and character to your design. Nurturing softscape provides texture in addition to the hardscape of natural rock and indigenous materials. Flower petals, branches, and leaves all provide texture to your scene, whether patterned, smooth, or even with jagged edges.


Color is essential in a planted landscape. Some color families, such as reds, oranges, and yellows, just look fantastic together. Using complementary hues is another way to introduce color atheistically into the environment. Complimentary colors, such as purples and yellows, are at opposing extremes of the color wheel yet nevertheless produce a lovely dynamic.


Scale is closely connected to proportion in that scale refers to how the sizes of your landscape parts interact with one another. A landscape is constructed to highlight each element proportionately by considering height, breadth, and spacing. Scale is the feature that gives a design cohesiveness.

A professional landscape designer considers these five design elements while creating a distinctive and attractive environment. For decades, Western Lehigh has used these aspects to create unique landscapes for households and businesses across the Greater Lehigh Valley area. Interested in enhancing your outdoor living? From constructing a swimming pool to adding curb appeal to your front yard to hardscape design, our professional landscapers have the experience and creativity to bring your vision to life. Contact us today for a quote on your project.